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An Introduction to LeaderShape

Everyone that delivers for us has a background of Seniority and an understanding of the business case for intervention.  We work to empower Boards, Teams and Individuals to take their leadership skills to new heights. The work continues long after a programme has been delivered, as learning is embedded for success.  Take a look at the range of experience in public and private sectors that we can offer.  

Julia Clarke & Leadership in the Ridgeway Partnership

A deep understanding of the NHS and an ability to tailor a programme closely to the required outcomes helped LeaderShape work with the Ridgeway Partnership, Oxfordshire Learning Disability NHS Trust.   To enable a radical change in how an organisation operates requires senior leaders to champion engagement and behavioural change throughout the workforce. See the case study here.


Knowledge is not Power

Leaders need to be able to respond to the fact that today we can hold less than 10% of the information we need in our brains, compared to 75% only 20 years ago. This means the old mantra that ‘knowledge is power’ is no longer valid. We need awareness, to earn the respect and loyalty of our followers, to nurture their desire for continuous learning, engagement, involvement and recognition.

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Tomorrow's Company and neuroscience

Tomorrow’s Company has backed John Knights' Invisible Elephant and the Pyramid Treasure report as an agenda-setting ‘think and do’ tank which looks at the role of business and how to achieve enduring business success. The organisation focuses on strong relationships, clear purpose and values as the foundation of effective leadership and governance and challenges business leaders around the world to work in dialogue with others to tackle the toughest issues.

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PwC and Transpersonal Leadership

How do people and organisations become transpersonal, delivering leadership beyond the ego that serves the needs of stakeholders and communities, not just shareholders? You might expect a institution like PwC to be very financially focused. UK chairman and senior partner Ian Powell says the Big 4 accountant launched its strategic vision, simply called Who We Are just as the question of integrity became a major issue in management and leadership. LeaderShape has taken that idea further, into a holistic, transpersonal framework.   Here's Ian at the launch of the Invisible Elephant and the Pyramid Treasure, together with Tomorrow's Company, Tata and Korn Ferry at CMS Cameron McKenna   

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ByBox and Transpersonal Leadership

Entrepreneurs must realise that ‘Transpersonal Leadership’ is fundamental to any start-up with an aspiration to build a world-class company, according to 2008's fastest growth company, ByBox - now a £50m turnover company.  Says CEO, Stuart Miller: "The day you start a company, you ARE the company. You have goals for the company and goals for yourself. This is where transpersonal leadership matters. The more authentic your personal goals are in the context of the company you are building, the more natural it will be for people to commit to your leadership."

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