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Testimonials: Peer Groups

"I recommend this programme for any Chief Executive interested in continuing their personal development, whether they have large corporate responsibility or run their own SME."

Richard Westmore, President, Panasonic Mobile Communications Development Europe.

"CHEOPS has helped me to take a more strategic view of my business. It has also helped me to solve problems by sharing the experiences of others."

Mike Singer, MD, Elan Technologies.


"Cheops provides a great opportunity to share views and seek advice from other MDs who just want to help and have no agenda. It is re-assuring to know that other people have dealt with similar challenges. Being a member has also taken away the ad hoc nature of my personal development and provided a regular discipline that would otherwise not be there. I get a great return on my investment.
I believe Cheops has been a significant influence in helping me to become a better leader."

Antony Witt, MD, MMR Group.


"The Cheops Group meetings really work well in creating regular opportunities for picking up new practical ideas for business and personal development . They provide some valuable personal space for learning that would otherwise be neglected and probably not take place. The coaching sessions enable me to share and resolve frustrating problems in a confidential way that helps me to clarify my vision and build personal motivation and confidence especially during difficult times."

Oliver Teece, MD, TW Electronics.

"In addition to helping me focus my own thoughts, the collective experience and insight of the group has encouraged me to look at many issues from a fresh and hopefully rewarding perspective. Participation in the group provides a constant reminder that we must continually evolve our businesses and develop our personal competencies if we are to survive and prosper. There is always something new to learn and put into practice."

Simon Lewis, MD, Partridge Muir & Warren.

"It is important to be able to be challenged and stimulated by Peers who have seen similar issues and situations. I would recommend a CEO Peer Group to all those seeking to expand their horizon and learn practically from others at one’s own level."

David Collingham, Chairman, Ruston Poole International.


"The CHEOPS peer group programme has been of significant value to me over the last two years and will continue to be in the future. It allows me to continue to learn advanced techniques enabling me to become a more competent leader, to offer space for reflection and to provide a safe forum for the discussion of important and sensitive issues with fellow CEOs. As a result of this learning, I have introduced into the company a leadership development programme (which includes a LEIPA 360o assessment of each individual), a culture survey and a process producing state-of-the-art EI profiling, behavioural selection techniques and personal development plan programmes – all delivered by LeaderShape. Combined, these create a foundation for sustainable growth and performance by ensuring we have the right people developed to succeed. The LeaderShape facilitators and coaches bring an effective and ideal combination of top level practical business experience, knowledge about leadership and skills in coaching & facilitation."

Chief Executive, ON Communications.

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