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Testimonials - Keyring


  • I have really enjoyed the course & learnt a lot about myself & some new skills, also areas where I need to develop & push myself.
  • I want to be more aware of how I affect other people, and develop my own self-awareness, I didn’t realise how big an impact mine and other people’s moods can affect the people we manage and work with – mindfulness is something I have been asked to work on …. I’m glad it will have an impact on my work as well as my personal life!!
  • I have really enjoyed participating in this programme. The learning has assisted me in my new Team Manager role and I feel I have grown more than I would have done if I hadn't participated.”



Managers are discussing situations, approaches and responses differently - they actively seek feedback and try new things as a result capabilities and confidence are growing. Exactly what we hoped!"

Keyring Senior Line Manager


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