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Testimonials - Dixon's


It wasn’t a realization, it was a slow burn – you started to look at things differently,” said managers involved in the teambuilding process.  “To let barriers down was out of our comfort zone – suddenly we were not out to do the best deal ever, regardless of the consequences elsewhere. Trust was building. We stopped worrying about whether peers were seen as stronger than you or more hard-nosed, we learned to work together and build camaraderie.”



Danielle has been instrumental in helping me create the right culture and will to win within our newly formed team. The work we did on visioning the future and getting the team to take ownership and believe they could drive change was a key force in bringing the team together and creating trust, self belief and passion.” 

Mark Slater, Computing Category Director


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We focus firmly on the practical “how to” of leadership development: We develop your leadership capability through the coaching, mentoring and facilitation of individuals, groups and teams.

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