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Team Management Systems (TMS)

Team Management Systems (TMS)

What makes a great team? Can we use the science of human behaviour to help us to build better teams? How can we tip the balance in favour of success.

Management development

TMS is a unique model giving a helicopter view of all the processes that need to happen in any kind of work team. The simple visual model makes issues easier to talk about and addresses questions such as: “What exactly are we supposed to be doing here?”, “How can we be successful?” and "What do winning teams focus on?" The original Team Management Profile gives detailed feedback about personal preferences at work, the roles we prefer to play within a team and how we relate to others. Where preferences match job demand, performance is likely to be higher. Also, a balanced team has a greater chance of success.

Your personal Profile shows where you lie on the Team Management Wheel and reveals the preferences that direct your personal potential. A rigorously validated questionnaire gives you a customised report, designed to take the guesswork out of team working. Science and simplicity combine to give easy access to our knowledge about personal achievement and team performance. The profile is a guiding compass for action. It can steer your own career journey, the trajectory of your team and the achievement of business goals.

This tool integrates well with both Myers Briggs and Emotional Intelligence (EI) assessments.  The TMSDI tool coupled with EI competencies makes a formidable combination for both enhancing collective team performance and individual performance within that team.

The TMS system is:
A complete system developed for leaders and teams
Over twenty years of ongoing research
Validated by the British Psychological Society
Helps individuals and teams to maximise potential
Strengths, mutual respect and constructive problem solving
Powerful visual models and easy-to-use languages
The instrument of choice for organisations worldwide
Builds resilience, promotes sustainable development

For an overview of the interventions LeaderShape can provide, taking you to sustainable high performance, please see our White Paper here. 




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