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Team Coaching

Team Coaching has some distinctive features compared to individual coaching.

Team coaching uses facilitation and can be part of the interventions used in wider team development.  It requires all members of the team to sign up to a process/programme (i.e. this is not a one off facilitated event) which usually includes 1:1 sessions, some observation of the team and team sessions.  It focuses on the collective performance as well as the whole ‘system’ that the team interacts with (other parts of the internal organisation as well as other stakeholders) whilst also investing time with each individual. 

  • In Team Coaching, the team issues may or may not have been identified, whereas a facilitation approach will focus on an already agreed issue or problem that the team wish to work through.
  • The ‘three way contract’ or agreement (i.e. with the team and with the organisation) will feature in the same way as individual coaching.
  • As with individual coaching the emphasis is in helping the team to develop their own insights and awareness to enable them to gain maximum ongoing benefits for self-sustaining development.















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