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Strategically Led Organisations


 What’s the use of running if you are not on the right road?
German proverb

Every organisation needs a sense of purpose and positioning – a touchstone. This shapes its personality, philosophy and culture and provides a sense of direction that lets everyone, both inside and outside the organisation, know what it stands for and where it is headed. Organisations also need to mature as well as grow if they wish to be sustainable in the longer term.The senior level business and public sector background of the LeaderShape faculty includes in-depth experience of successfully developing and implementing strategies for a wide range of sectors and in many varied economic conditions.


A typical programme requires:

Development of both strategic thinking and planning capabilities
Understanding and buy-in at all levels

It includes working with the senior team in a series of workshops to:

  • Analyse the environment to establish current positioning, trends, influences and gaps in knowledge and therefore insights
  • Confirm stakeholder objectives
  • Develop clear Vision, Mission, Values
  • Develop required strategies
  • Agree clear actions and accountabilities
  • Ensure effective communication within the organisation

It enables:

  • Support programmes to align leadership and culture with strategic objectives
  • Succession planning to make sure the right people are in place at the right time

LeaderShape helped us to identify, articulate and define the essential vision and mission and to define a clear business strategy everyone could subscribe to.
Julia Clarke (Lady Berkeley)- Chair Ridgeway NHS Trust

The outcomes of the LeaderShape approach include:

  • A process that creates a living and adaptable strategy that is regularly updated
  • External facilitation that ensures all those difficult questions are asked and answered
  • Creation of a touchstone so that dysfunction is dramatically reduced
  • A context for decision making at all levels that empowers delegation
  • A stronger sense of identity and esprit
  • Longer term strategic focus that will not become a victim of operational pressures
  • An energised organisation that not only hits targets but outperforms expectations










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