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Oxford Innovation

We aim to establish Oxfordshire as a world-beating innovation hotspot, with a sustainable community of innovative, high-growth businesses. The enthusiasm and passion for enterprise will be harnessed to encourage young people in the region to increase their skills, improving the capability and competitiveness of our workforce."

Chairman Innovation & Growth Team Board, Martin Dare-Edwards


Unique expert community for high growth business

Leadership development experts and business coach-mentors, LeaderShape is proud to have been a consortium member of the Oxfordshire IGT programme; The prestigious partnership is led by Oxford Innovation together with ISIS Innovation, Oxford Brookes University, The Oxford Trust, Business Link, The Oxford Economic Partnership, Oxfordshire County Council, NESTA and The Technology Strategy Board.

A major part of its strategy is developing a Community of Innovation to encourage and enable over 1,000 businesses to share information and experiences. LeaderShape provided leadership development expertise and coach-mentor and facilitation training to the IGT team.The IGT was one of eight  funded by SEEDA (South East England Development Agency) to provide tailored coaching, mentoring and networking opportunities to businesses of all sizes.

LeaderShape is convinced of the value of good quality coaching, mentoring and facilitation in the work place. However, experience has led them to the conclusion that the good intentions behind these initiatives are often undermined by the lack of training or a proper framework for the provision of this valuable Work-Based Learning.  This understanding has led them to work closely with the University of Chester to develop a unique qualification; The Post Graduate Certificate in "Coach-Mentoring and Facilitation in Organisations". This qualification is accredited by the University of Chester which has long been known as a leader in Work-Based Learning qualifications.




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