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LEIPA Information for Licensees

Leadership & Emotional Intelligence Performance Accelerator  - 360º ®

LEIPA® helped me to realise the changes I needed to make personally, and those needed in order to become a better leader professionally. The peer review was of huge value in identifying the professional element, but to put it in to practice I needed the coaching and mentoring to help me plot a course from where I was to where I am now, on the brink of what I believe is success!
Dan Suttle, former Head of Technology at a Global energy trading business

This advanced on-line assessment and development tool identifies an individual’s behavioural and operational strengths plus their development needs to improve their leadership performance. It measures competence in the context of their own role and the culture of the organisation. LEIPA compares different leadership styles against their importance in the executive’s current role, providing a gap analysis. The key competences of Emotional Intelligence (EI) are:

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