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LeaderShaper Pro Report

BE THE VERY BEST leader you can be!  And learn to take others with you.

You can begin to understand your level of success in social awareness, empathy and a range of essential competencies for your workplace and your life.  Wherever you are, on the train, in the office, at home, check your scores and learn your strengths and areas for improvement using this simple app. 


Now go further!

You will often be asked at interview about your leadership or management style. The most successful Emotionally Intelligent leaders will use all 6 styles when they are needed. We all have one or two styles that come most naturally to us but to be an excellent leader involves identifying and developing the EI capabilities to use the less "comfortable" styles. Part of the value of the LeaderShaper Application is to identify which leadership styles you are likely to be strongest in, based upon your EI profile.  You can then consider where developing increased competence in these or other styles may be of greatest value for you.

An in-app upgrade provides you with a highly personalised report to show you what is most effective for your needs.

Click to view a Sample pro report so you can see exactly what you would receive. 

Access the LeaderShaper App for iTunes or for the "Google Play Store" for Android.  Or take a look at the impact of the LeaderShaper App on Organisational Development - even with remote teams.








Do you understand the difference between these disciplines?  Answer our questionnaire and with your score you get a free report explaining all!