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Jon Lamonte Interviews

CONNECTIVITY IN TRANSPORT is critical for Northern economic growth and a strategic document, "One North", is calling for £15 billion worth of investment in the upcoming decades.  Manchester sits at a critical juncture in the future of high speed rail, HS2, linking to London in 68 minutes and acting as a hub at the centre of the band of major cities spanning the region from east to west.

LeaderShape conducts a series of recorded interviews with Dr Jon Lamonte, chief executive of Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM,) about the role of leadership development in these major local and regional investment plans.

Developing Leaders

HOW DO LEADERS SET a vision and develop themselves to create organisational culture?  Dr Jon Lamonte of TfGM says there have to be freedoms to make mistakes, even within the highly tuned environment of transport, where people’s lives are at stake. He uses a mentoring, coaching approach to develop trust, good organisation and good outcomes.


Creating the strategy

LAMONTE EXPLAINS the strategy and narrative are independent of strong personalities. Leaders create a story people want to follow, not an individual ego-based journey but what LeaderShape calls a Transpersonal approach.


What to use Coaching for

AS A MILITARY man, coaching helped develop different ways of dealing with things – it’s about touching those difficult areas. Lamonte has learned to approach new ideas in his personal life, to help him when he returns to his day-to-day role.


True Leadership

THE MOST POWERFUL thing is the responsibility of people wanting to follow you, he says.


Inspiring a City

MANCHESTER'S VISIONARY leaders ride out electoral change, because of a common narrative.


For an understanding of some of the outcomes of TfGM's plans so far, we hope you enjoy this background article from Infrastructure Intelligence magazine.

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