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John Leary-Joyce

Helping teams perform: Team Coaching Day at Chester University

Team leaders and professional coaches from across Europe engaged in a specialist workshop on Team Coaching. John Leary-Joyce, Founder and CEO of the Academy of Executive Coaching, presented one of the next biggest steps in the evolution of coaching practice – ‘systemic team coaching’. John tells us:

“Now, more than ever, organisations are looking at how to motivate and manage their teams in a period of change and uncertainty. The time is ripe in the coaching market to differentiate Team Coaching from other forms of team or group development and to extend the definition and body of theory and practice of Team Coaching.”

Participants explored what systemic coaching is, and how is it different from individual coaching, team facilitation, team building, team development or action learning – and then had team input into real, live team coaching contexts to develop their skills. Valuable ways to deal with and engage stakeholders in team contexts to sustain enhanced performance were also shared for coaches and leaders alike.

This was another successful CPD day held at the Warrington Campus of the University of Chester, organised by LeaderShape and the University’s Centre for Work Related Studies. Co-organiser, Tony Wall, Accreditation Specialist & Senior Lecturer, said:

“We had an insightful, practical day working on real issues. People returned back to their work with actions – whether in Warrington, London, Switzerland or the Netherlands.”

Co-organiser, Danielle Grant, LeaderShape Director, explains her delight at being able to offer the event at the University on 16th May

“neuroscience…a really valuable insight into how new brain science can help coaches and mentors, with Christopher Samsa!”.

The interactive day attracted International Coach Federation Continuing Coach Education Units (7 hours) for participants, along with the opportunity to further deepen and accredit their learning as part of a prestigious qualification at the University of Chester, in areas such as coaching, executive development, leadership, organisational consulting development (see cwrs.eu).



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