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IQ versus EI in leadership

While IQ is fixed and inflexible, we can learn how to develop our emotional intelligence to stellar levels, if we choose. Recent research in neuroscience and considerable investigation into cognitive, emotional, intuitive and spiritual concepts has led to the development of eight broad competencies which encompass the full requirements of leadership excellence.[i]




The 8ICOL™ model has been developed as a complete competency framework that supports the transpersonal journey towards leadership excellence. 8ICOL™ can be used to assess progress along the journey and to identify strengths and development needs. It is a model that integrates ‘Rational Intelligence’ (IQ), ‘Emotional Intelligence’ (EI) and ‘Spiritual Intelligence’ (SI) together with ‘Personal Preferences’ (PP). The model contains eight prime competencies made up of 76 sub-competencies which in turn are made up of 316 statements to define leadership excellence:

  1. Personal Intellect & Judgement
  2. Personal Preferences
  3. Self-Awareness
  4. Self-Management,
  5. Social Awareness
  6. Relationship Management
  7. Self-Determination, and
  8. Personal Conscience.


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[i] Zohar, D. and Marshall, I. (2000) Spiritual Intelligence – The Ultimate Intelligence, London: Bloomsbury.





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