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Developing Excellent Leaders


Taking leadership to new levels

We take leaders on a journey towards leadership excellence. This journey is based on increasing emotional intelligence, embedding new behaviours and relating them to specific leadership styles which drive the development of a performance-enhancing culture.

Benefits to Participants:
  • This programme will have a major impact on your business performance.
  • You will help others reach their potential.
  • You will be less stressed.
  • You will reach a new level of inner self confidence.


Benefits to Organisations:

  • Long-term, sustainable performance improvement.
  • Better developed employees – talent development.
  • Lower staff turnover and absenteeism.
  • A culture that makes you the employer of choice.
  • You will be seen as an organisation with sincere social responsibility.


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The Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Programme:

The Programme focuses primarily on self awareness and assessment. This is followed by in-depth learning in key areas. This process is supported by group facilitation, action learning and coaching together with experiential events and work place learning. The theoretical basis is emotional intelligence, culture theory and neuroscience.This programme is detailed in our paper "Developing Emotionally Intelligent Leaders", the outcomes of which are explored in The Seven Essences of Leadership.

The Transpersonal Leadership Development Programme:

To continue the Journey towards Excellence, for those who already have a high level of emotional intelligence, we focus on developing the higher competencies of personal conscience and self determination underpinned with the science of intuition, insight and instinct.

This Programme is explored in more detail in the following papers; Get REAL Leadership, Transpersonal Journey Diagram and Transpersonal Journey 8ICOL.Suitable for:

  • Chief Executives.
  • Board Directors.
  • High Potentials.
  • Senior Teams.
  • Managers in leadership roles.

The REAL Transpersonal Leadership Development Journey to Excellence: Radical, Ethical, Authentic Leadership.

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