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Coaching Process

 We call it “coach / mentoring” because although we make every attempt to enable the individual to come to their own solutions there are times when the input of an idea based on the knowledge or experience of the coach can create important insights. As experienced Senior Leaders, we can do that.

We recommend a programme of at least 6 sessions. We recommend sessions being about one month apart, to enable the embedding of new habits. Sometimes it might be advantageous to have the first couple of sessions within a shorter time span and there may well be a value in extending the programme beyond the initial six.


The programme includes the following steps:

  • Agreement between the three parties (the client sponsor and / or the line manager, the individual and the coach) as to the objectives of the coaching programme. This is normally carried out as follows:

    The client sponsor agrees with the individual the broad need for the coaching programme
    The chosen coach (identified initially by the client sponsor with input from the individual) meets the individual to explain the coaching process and identify the issues from the individual’s perspective
    Assuming the individual feels comfortable with the coach, this pre-session is followed up with a three way meeting to confirm the objectives. This is recorded on the Sponsor Programme Evaluation Report (SPER). Note: If the individual feels the chemistry with the coach is not good then another coach will be identified.
  •  Identify and agree any prescribed reading and learning materials.
  • Decide whether to include a 360° or any other assessment.
  • Review progress after three sessions with the client sponsor / line manager and individual – if appropriate and practical – using the SPER – and agree any changes.
  • Review the programme after 6 sessions – using the SPER – determine the result and whether in further sessions are required.


“Coaching is more than just the face-to-face coaching session”:

  •  Before and during the first session an Intake Form is completed which records important information about the individual and what they want out of the programme. It is a confidential document between the coach and individual.
  •  At the start of each session the coach reviews the outcome of previous sessions and progress on committed-to SMART Actions
  •  Each face-to-face session is approximately 2 hours
  •  For the final step in the process for each session, there are two alternatives:


Alternative 1: PREMIER PROCESS

  1. The coach writes up a Coaching Report, based on a standard format, which is strictly confidential to the individual and includes the key topics discussed, the main learnings and the SMART Actions agreed. The individual should own this report and is responsible to make sure it is accurate.
  2. Between face-to-face sessions, the individual may contact the coach by email or phone to discuss any pertinent issues where advice or support is needed before the next meeting



  1. The individual writes up their own learning and SMART Actions and emails them to the coach




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