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CIMA and Team Knowledge

Your team has a lot of knowledge – maybe more than you!  Bringing them together and letting them speak is a key to success.  


Charles Tilley of the Chartered Institute of Management Associations (CIMA) recognises good thought leadership but then critically ‘earths’ it through the remit and role of the CFO and Finance Director. What more powerful lever to effect change and drive sustainable business success. Charles has also built a great team around him.

A long-standing and distinguishing feature of the accountancy profession is its acceptance of its responsibility to take account of the public interest. CIMA members, in common with other finance professionals, are bound by a ‘Code of Ethics’ so integrity, independence and objectivity have always been at the heart of professional practice.  So, in some respects, the finance leader already demonstrates some of the hallmarks of the ‘Radical Ethically Aware Leader’. Some even go so far as to say that the CFO acts as the conscience of the business – as one CEO has said:


The critical responsibility of the CFO is the protection of my company’s public interest.”

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