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Director Peer group Scheme

Running any organisation can be a very demanding and lonely job. CEOs have to tackle any challenge that comes their way regardless of past experience, skills or training. Concerns and doubts may also be difficult to explore, especially when experience and capabilities within the organisation are limited in some way or there is high sensitivity.

 I get a great return on my investment. I believe this programme has been a significant influence in helping me to become a better leader”

Antony Witt – MD MMR Group

LeaderShape has a well-proven and successful model providing continuing development for CEOs and their businesses

Members of a Director Peer Group participate together with up to 10 CEOs from non-competing businesses. The meetings are moderated by an experienced facilitator trained in coaching and with a significant CEO background.

A safe, open and confidential forum is provided for:

  • Discussion of personal or business issues with peers
  • Gaining knowledge and insights from a faculty of experts
  • Private coaching sessions

See how one Peer Group led to a business tripling in size in 5 years, taking it to successful sale at a premium price.  And visit our testimonials page with comments from dozens of our delighted clients in businesses from ON Communications and the Ridgeway NHS Partnership to Panasonic, TK Maxx, Disney and many more.


Our Director Peer Group annual programme has been developed to maximize the benefit from each session while reducing time away during working hours.

Our programme currently includes

4 one-day meetings
1 two-day “Annual Retreat"
Introduction to the coaching model
8 x 2 hour one-to-one coaching sessions with the Group Moderator 
3 x overnight stays

Why join the programme?

Personal benefits include:

  • Development of leadership capabilities
  • Gaining insights from other members’    experience
  • Improved decision making
  • Increased confidence
  • Reduced sense of isolation

Business benefits include:

  • More effective leadership
  • Improved focus, especially on strategic issues
  • Updates on latest thinking in effective management
  • Solutions for problems and roadblocks









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