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Carole Pemberton

Coaching for Resilience Masterclass at Chester University

What leads one person to success and another to give up before they reach their goals?  

Resilience is not a 'have or have not' quality. Rather it is the sum of a range qualities all of us can develop so we can move forward more quickly when life slaps us in the face.

In this event we looked to develop skills in coaching on resilience issues by considering: 

  • Individual responses to setback - what can people learn from experience that is valuable to their work.
  • Client perspectives - what approaches will help them move on.
  • Organisations - what they can draw from research on resilience that is valuable at times of difficulty.

Coaches took away

  • A deepened understanding of what resilience is and how it fits with their work.
  • Resources to apply to personal resilience
  • Practical tools to bring to coaching work.
  • 7 ICF CCE core coaching competence units.


This unique opportunity offered a chance to…

  • Learn to recognise how lack of resilience manifests in practitioners and in their clients
  • Understand its impact on performance
  • Use written narrative as a way of helping shape a coaching contract focused on regaining resilience
  • Develop a solution-focused model to access resources for dealing with resilience loss
  • Practise a cognitive model for helping individuals re-find resilience
  • Gain an introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy as an approach for regaining resilience
  • Use mindfulness in the context of supporting resilience

This workshop could also be counted towards a prestigious post-graduate University degree; and carried ICF (International Coach Federation) Continuing Coach Education Units (CCEUs) – 7 hours.

Models to be examined include cognitive reframing and an understanding of the usefulness of the ACT psychological inflexibility model, as well as Input on the value of diffusing messages.  A particular focus is on mindfulness, including pair work and whole group exercises.

The Workshop was provided by LeaderShape and The University of Chester.
Facilitator: Carole Pemberton: Coaching to Solutions

Carole Pemberton has over 20 years experience in career and performance coaching, combined with 8 years experience with an international management consultancy and at a leading management school.  She is currently involved in coaching senior executives in a major telecommunications company, senior civil servants in a number of government departments and regulatory bodies, the CEO of a NHS Trust and the Director of Social Services of a large county council.  She has previously worked in the finance, retail, and IT sectors.  She is the personal development coach to the Cabinet Office Top Management Programme and works with Henley Management College on initiatives directed towards developing women into the most senior roles, and supporting high potential staff.

Her style in coaching is to offer a supportive environment in which the individual can both be challenged and can challenge themselves.  She is the author of a number of books on career and management issues, and is presently preparing a new book to help managers coach staff in a sceptical age.




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