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The Board Mandate

Businesses and organisations can build enduring performance and sustainability by creating a strong sense of purpose and adherence to core values that stand the test of time. This includes:
  •  A recognition of the need to act with integrity on behalf of their people  and the stakeholders within the society in which they operate
  •  Exhibiting  attitudes and behaviours that align with excellence in performance that secures sustainability
  •  A culture that encourages ethical  standards and provides a moral compass as a reference point against which decisions can be tested and made quickly when necessary
  • Adaptability in the face of continuing change.

The start point for building this sustainability is at the top at Executive Team level where leaders now need more than good P&L skills. A full board mandate is needed as a” living document”  that pulls together  key elements  that are usually  spread over vision and mission statements, long-term strategies and governance principles. When put together this provides a strong basis for self-improvement.

The value of this board mandate is derived from the thinking that is required by the board to put it together and maintain it.. It includes an assessment of the current condition of the organisation and its capacity to meet the requirements of organic change and development. It also forms the basis of communication to stakeholders and ensures everyone has consistent expectations. It captures the “essence” of the “character” and distinctiveness of the organisation in terms of

  • The essential purpose
  • Its aspirations
  • The values by which it intends to operate
  • Its attitude to risk, safety and the environment
  • Its culture
  • The value proposition to investors and other stakeholders
  • Its plans for development

A full questionnaire related to the Board Mandate is an essential part of the programme we offer.












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