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ALIVE© Testimonials


ALIVE© learning does exactly what it says on the tin. By incorporating a whole collection of learning mediums it offers a unique blended learning experience - you can't help but learn!  It really maximises the investment of the time that I put in and the quality of the outcomes.  Its hard work but immensely rewarding - and fun!"

Experienced Executive Coach


ALIVE© Prep is an excellent system: rich, responsive, objective, and versatile and leads us to think and reflect."

Overseas Participant


Very good indeed. Excellent bite size chunk learning with an interesting range of methods and switching of mode and tempo. Very balanced mix of theory with powerful illustration through video " stories" it " codifies" and summarises well for experienced leaders like myself and drew out learning from me that would otherwise have remained either intuitive or sub-conscious."

Senior Healthcare Executive


I like the format, and the quick, easy and quickly assimilated information. Also the availability of links to additional information that one can explore for more in depth information. Maybe pointing to further material, suggested reading etc may be of use. Overall, a good experience."

Overseas Senior Leader


The effective use of simple technology to conduct a single programme with simultaneous participation from across the world is impressive.

Senior Executive Participant

In a survey, 100% of participants in the ALIVE© Prep process found the material "Excellent" or "Very Good."

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