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BLENDED LEARNING, using a range of techniques and processes, is proven to have strong foundations in the latest principles of neuroscience. It is devised in brief, brain-friendly sections, contextually related to the client’s work situation, for long-term, sustainable outcomes.

The content of “ALIVE© Prep” appeals to a wide range of learning preferences, for example using video, links to relevant articles and excerpts from texts and, importantly, responses to reflective questions in short passages, that are experientially related. Key executives and managers can organise study to fit in seamlessly with their personal and work-related commitments.

Using visual, audio and reflective sections and a range of different stimuli allows learners to engage in ways that are meaningful to them. The brain learns best in small, discrete pieces where there is a clear focus without distraction. Clients see connections to apply the learning to their own situation in their workplace.  Assignments and reflections are shared with the tutor who supports the process.

I like the variation. I also think it is very well paced. Its really user friendly, the details on each exercise are systematic and set up in a nice methodology for the best learning.
Senior Executive

In a survey, 100% of participants in the ALIVE© Prep process found the material "Excellent" or "Very Good."

Typical feedback included:

“I particularly enjoyed being able to dip in and out of the workbook in my own time.”

Once you have taken part in the ALIVE© Prep, it leads to further steps along the road to success like this:

ALIVE© Masterclasses and ALIVE© Calls

Deepen and extend learning in group or individual sessions to take the cohort further, according to its preferred focus.

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 Click here to download details of the ALIVE© process as a pdf

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