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ALIVE© Masterclasses and Calls



A LeaderShape MasterClass comprises either remote or face-to-face sessions (the latter are usually between ½ and 1 day in duration) where a cohort works together with a facilitator to extend and deepen learning and get insights on a particular topic.

An ALIVE© MasterClass (Accelerated Learning in a Virtual Environment) is a remotely delivered masterclass using tele-conference technology and is a complete or partial alternative to face-to-face MasterClasses. An ALIVE© MasterClass usually lasts about 2 hours. It delivers the same quality of learning as a face-to-face Masterclass to people who, often for reasons of pressure of work, logistics or geography, cannot easily come together in a single location. ALIVE© Masterclasses are particularly cost and time effective – avoiding the need to take Senior Executives out of the workplace. This benefit means that they can therefore be undertaken at the optimal frequency for embedded learning.

MasterClasses are usually undertaken around a month apart, drawing together threads of the cohort members’ combined learning in a focused event, gaining premium value from the ALIVE© Prep and any workplace practice. They are highly interactive group experiences. They draw on the social and emotional environment, reinforcing embedded learning.

ALIVE© Masterclasses are most effective with groups of 6-9 people, where direct participation in terms of verbal contributions to the discussion are invited.  Hearing the voices of other participants is a valuable aid to mutual understanding and relationship building.  An important skill of the ALIVE© Facilitator is to draw out the insights, deepening and extending these in the moment and equally importantly to creating cohesion in the group so it becomes a learning environment.

Participants will bring to the call their printouts of reflective assignments, or other output from the corresponding ALIVE© Prep; enabling participants to draw on their own reflections and to write or annotate these during the call, thereby creating their own meaning and memorable links.  Similarly participants are encouraged to create their own “aide memoires” whether sketches, notes, mindmaps to enable them to embed the learning from the call in their own uniquely meaningful ways.

As part of the course we embed learning by taking part in a series of ALIVE© Calls, which are highly structured teleconferences that review themes through expert facilitation and questioning. Not only is the experience a great way of making learning take root, it is also a very impactful way of enriching learning by sharing thoughts with the whole group. We are supporting each other in learning and gaining new insights through the ALIVE© Calls."

Recent Senior Executive Participant

ALIVE© Calls: These are typically 1 hour telephone sessions which follow up the MasterClass. They are led by the programme facilitator and designed to enable reflection related to the programme segment. They act as an accelerator and broaden understanding further. They aid the delivery of new responses and approaches until the Executive reaches a high level of familiarity.

The entire Leadership programme can be delivered in person or remotely, with elements flexed completely to the client's requirements.

Key benefits of ALIVE© Masterclasses and Calls

  • Absolute flexibility to suit client needs
  • Rapid learning process
  • Highly focused
  • Deeply embedded learning which is sustainable
  • Powerful process with a range of applications

In each ALIVE© Masterclass or Call the aim is that a clear set of pre-agreed learning outcomes and shared reflective experience as well as individual commitment to the next actions that will have been achieved.

What is ALIVE©?

(with acknowledgements to Neuroleadership Group’s HIVE process)

ALIVE© is a remote learning methodology that LeaderShape has adopted for remote delivery of elements of our programmes. It is, simply, a well-managed teleconferencing process that creates a single focus for the participants so they are able to be really present on the call.
It relies upon strong: -

  •     Structure
  •     Facilitation
  •     Adherence to ground rules
  •     Self discipline from participants
  •     Commitment to engagement


I am finding the calls increasingly valuable as we are more familiar with each other now and have started to have debates which challenge my thinking. I can learn from perspectives that are different from my own.  I find your facilitation style very warm; yet you challenge us and at the same time share your own insights.  Thank you, it is a rich experience that I am privileged to be a part of."

Senior Executive Participant


Why ALIVE© vs Webinars?

  •     Webinars rely on internet & computer technology and good high-speed connection, neither of which can be assured!  
  •     We have experience of poor bandwidth and drop out; even just on Skype VoiP calls between a small number of UK-based participants  
  •     Webinars tend to have a lot going on at one time; so there may be a question box to type into, a slide presentation, a presenter (or more than one) speaking, polls etc.  This can represent distraction as it means a split of focus, let alone the potential for open applications working in the background on the computer, ‘beeping’ up messages during the webinar.  A Webinar is more useful where larger audiences are involved and individual participation is less important.

You can read testimonials from Senior Executive participants here




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